Finding your way around

Bermudian houses do have numbers!

Bermudian houses do have numbers!

Despite Bermuda being so seemingly small, it is irritatingly impossible to find your way around until you get the hang of it. When asking for directions (and if you have to give them), the information tends to come in a jumbled order with alarming amounts of detail about the colour of the house and its ‘trim’, the colour of the surrounding houses and landmarks – I had a 10 minute conversation about the fact I didn’t know where the Quickie Lickie Laundromat was when speaking with an estate agent! I was none the wiser at the end of the conversation but had to meet her there.  Despite the fact the houses all have a name, a number, a street name, a parish and a postcode, this is relatively new so it’s not the common way to describe the address!

Google maps is no use. The tourist maps are vague and often send you off in random directions – fine for tourist destinations but no use when going to pick up the toaster you’ve bought on emoo. There is an online map on Bermuda Yellow Pages (or Yabsta as they are now called) but with no search functionality – duh. Still give it a try if you like a challenge at

If you can get hold of the Bermuda Yellow Pages printed map, it has an index so that’s worth getting – at least you can take it with you. 

There is one website, which will tell you exactly where a house is and what it’s called – doesn’t help with the colour of the houses (a particular issue if you’re colourblind) but if you can get it to work, it is pretty helpful.

If in doubt ask, but despite the vagueness of directions, Bermudians don’t seem to be that clued up on where everything is – it really is the case of a different language!


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