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Bermuda Musical & Dramatic Society

Despite Bermuda’s tiny population, there is some amazing talent on the island and there is a thriving am dram scene. Even if treading the boards is not your thing, you can help out in other ways such as set building, painting, backstage or just working behind the bar. On the subject of the bar, if you are taken aback by the prices of the drinks in Bermuda then head down to the Daylesford bar for a dose of 1970s priced booze. The bar itself is thankfully a little more modern than that but compare $4.50 for a glass of wine against the $15 price ticket at some of the bars on Front Street.

You do need to sign up to be a member of BMDS ( and have your application form signed by two members who will vouch for your good character etc. However don’t let this put you off too much. Head down to the bar one Friday night, get chatting with some people at the bar (or outside for the smokers) and you’ll have found people to sign your form by the end of the night. It’s virtually impossible to go to the bar and NOT speak to anyone.

So you might have guessed we spend a fair amount of time there! But we have met some great people and enjoyed some very memorable experiences there.

The Daylesford bar and theatre can be found on the corner of Dundonald Street and Victoria Park. And if you don’t want to get involved, then you can just go and see the plays. They produce a good old fashioned panto just before Christmas at City Hall and several other plays throughout the year shown at the Daylesford Theatre, including a playwriting competition.


G&S Society

If you are really into the am dram scene, then there is another society – the Gilbert & Sullivan Society –

This year, G&S Society produced History Boys, which was amazing. And The Best Little Whorehouse in Texas, with incredible costumes and choreography.

If you like singing, BMDS have a choir called the Daylesford Singers that rehearse on Sundays from January with a performance in May. Or there’s the Bermuda Chamber Choir, I can’t seem to find their website, but they have a facebook page –

So as you can see, plenty to do here! Even if you just prop up the bar from time to time and go and see the shows.


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