Anyone for tennis?

Even the balls are pink in Bermuda

There are plenty of places to play tennis in Bermuda and the Community Education Programme runs tennis lessons for beginners and intermediate players, which is a good place to start and meet other people interested in learning or improving. There are leagues and competitions for more advanced players and the BLTA (Bermuda Lawn Tennis Association) will be able to point you in the right direction for that level of playing –

This is a list of some of the places we play, I have linked each one to the Google maps satellite view, so you can see exactly where the courts are and hopefully find your way there – it looks like they hadn’t been built at Newstead when Google took the images, but you can see them clearly from Harbour Road :

  • Elbow Beach – 5 nice blue hardcourts – $12 p/h – Call 239-9303
  • Admiralty Park – 1 newly resurfaced hardcourt – FREE
  • Tennis Stadium – 5 hardcourts, 2 claycourts & 2 walls – $10 p/h or $20 p/h including lights – Call 292 0105
  • Port Royal golf course – 4 hardcourts (a bit old) & a wall – $8 p/h although we played and never got asked for the money – Call 238-9430
  • Newstead – 2 nice blue hardcourts – $15 p/h – Call 236-6060
  • Southampton Princess – never played there but I believe it’s $17 p/h – Call 238-8000
  • Cambridge Beaches – never played here – Call 234-0331
  • Coco Reef – never played here – $10 p/h – Call 236-5416
  • Grotto Bay – never played here – Call 293-8333

If you want to join a club and have the cash to do so, try Pomander Gate Tennis Club which is pricey but not as pricey as Coral Beach Club.

Or if you fancy beach tennis, try it at Horseshoe Beach:

I have read that you need to wear proper tennis attire for playing on the hotel courts, but we never do – I mean we don’t play in stilettos but we don’t play in tennis whites either. I’m sure the clubs are stricter. If you do want to get fully kitted out, there is a dedicated golf & tennis shop on Church Street just over from the bus station/City Hall, although there isn’t that much choice and it’s expensive. They also sell some tennis gear at Elbow Beach.


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