Getting around: Buses

pink bus

Yes, the buses are pink too!

The pink buses are pretty good in Bermuda – clean, air conditioned and reliable. They don’t come all that regularly (when you’re used to London bus frequency), particularly on the weekend so you need to get hold of the timetable to save you from waiting around for hours. I have heard rumours that the drivers can be rude and some are certified blind, but it can’t possibly be true!

The bus terminal in Hamilton is next to City Hall and there you can pick up your bus route map & tickets (they accept cards here unlike the ferry terminal). The staff at the bus terminal can’t be seen behind their reflective glass – or heard either. And they aren’t always too friendly – maybe they are being kept there against their will. In my experience, the exchange is usually fraught, with the person trying to get some information about buses saying ‘pardon’ an embarrassing amount of times whilst trying to shade the reflections and peering in to the imprisoned bus information-giver at an uncomfortably close range.

The route map can currently be found on this website All buses go from Hamilton to their final destination and the routes tend to be straight east or west – so if you want to go from Dockyard to St. George’s, you’ll have to go to Hamilton and change buses. If there is a pink pole at your bus stop, the bus is going TO Hamilton – if it’s blue, it’s going AWAY FROM Hamilton! The poles aren’t all coloured, some of the pink & blue material has been damaged over time.

Public transport is also relatively inexpensive when compared to London and any other major city. Probably the only thing that’s cheaper than elsewhere.  


Tickets are good for the bus and the ferry:

  • A book of 3s (for central regions, pay in cash for $2.50)- $20 for 15 tickets
  • A book of 14s (this will get you to St George’s or Dockyard, pay in cash for $4) – $30 for15 tickets
  • A weekly pass – $45
  • A monthly pass – $55
  • Three months worth of monthly passes – $45 per month

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