Getting a bit political

The week old, brand new Cabinet. Bernews have put together bios and video clips, but here is a simple list of the new Cabinet members. Many of the Ministries are new too. The Government website hasn’t yet updated the organisational chart – come on people, get with the programme!

That is as far as my political commentary goes.

  • Premier Paula Cox
  • Deputy Premier Derrick Burgess, Minister of Public Works
  • Minister Michael Scott, Attorney General & Minister of Justice
  • Minister Patrice Minors, Minister of Business Development & Tourism
  • Minister Glenn Blakeney, Minister of Youth Affairs & Families
  • Minister Walter Roban, Minister of the Environment
  • Minister Neletha Butterfield, Minister of Public Information Services
  • Minister Terry Lister, Minister of Transport
  • Minister Michael Weeks, Minister Without Portfolio
  • Minister Dame Jennifer Smith, Minister of Education
  • Minister Kim Wilson, Minister of the Economy, Trade & Industry
  • Minister Zane DeSilva, Minister of Health
  • Minister David Burch, Minister of National Security
  • Senator Cromwell Shakir, Junior Minister for Health & Works
  • Senator David Burt, Junior Minister for Finance, Environment, Planning and Infrastructure
  • Senator Laverne Furbert
  • Donald Scott, Cabinet Secretary (this is news today!)

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