Finding a job in Bermuda

Royal Gazette

Royal Gazette employment section

All employers in Bermuda have to advertise the ad in the newspaper for a minimum of 3 separate days so a good place to start would be the two local papers – The Royal Gazette & the Bermuda Sun. As the Bermuda Sun only comes out twice a week (Wednesdays & Fridays), most people choose the Royal Gazette to place their ads, although government currently don’t advertise with the Royal Gazette (this could change with the new Premier) and many use both papers.

There are also some local websites and I believe you can register as an office temp and get a temporary work permit although I’m not sure about that – it would be worth calling Bermuda Executive Services or Expertise about that.

Of course, there will be other websites that are industry specific, but checking the papers every day would mean that you wouldn’t miss out on anything.

Immigration rules are strict and whilst there are jobs for ex pats you can’t just turn up and look for work, skilled or unskilled. If you do come here to look for a job, you would still only be able to stay on your tourist visa for 3 weeks and still there are rules about seeking employment.



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3 responses to “Finding a job in Bermuda

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  2. kevin godinho

    I like to work in bermuda becouse bermuda is a nice place and safe.I will be happy if i get a job in hotel industry thank you

  3. Tiago Francis Jovin D'Sa

    I would like to work in Bermuda because its a nice and safe place to work. I like the strict rules and regulations of the country.I would love to work is such environment.

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