Perfume & coffee

coffee beans

Beans, beans they make you smell

Shopping in Bermuda isn’t great, let’s face it – not much choice, expensive… It was a major hobby of mine in London (dare I say, my main hobby) and I kind of miss it, but have got used to not really doing it. Anyway today I went on my first proper shopping trip in Bermuda… ever.  I discovered two very interesting things but was also reminded of why I don’t bother going shopping here much.

Interesting fact 1

You know when you are in the perfume department and you smell about 3 perfumes and then you can’t really smell anything anymore? Well, the lady in Brown & Co told me to smell the coffee – not as in “wake up and smell the coffee, Mrs. Bueller”, but the dish of coffee beans they have there. Amazingly, one whiff and you can smell perfume again!

It made me want to go for a coffee, so I popped across the road to:

  • Dangelini’s which is the little coffee shop next to the ferry terminal – homemade cakes and delicious coffee, a great little place. ★★★★★
  • Last Saturday we went to the Buzz Cafe in Brown & Co itself, which is in the book department, so it almost feels like you’re in Borders in London (before they closed down). Except the latte tasted like gravy. ★★☆☆☆

Whilst sitting in Dangelini’s, I spotted a new place called Muse – ‘Now Open’ said the board outside. But what are you? What do you sell? I can’t see through your windows! Why am I just going to go into a dark looking shop whose name doesn’t mean anything?

Interesting fact 2

My other great discovery of the day was A.S. Cooper (another department store) on Front Street has three floors. I am embarrassed I didn’t know this, but I only found the escalator because I saw a couple going into a mysterious corner and then searched hard for the sign and braved the trip up the escalator convinced I was going to end up in the staffroom. I ended up looking at clothes and realising that Calvin Klein & DKNY is cheaper than Benetton here. Top floor is Reid Street – I have never even seen this entrance, I thought it was an office.

That’s the thing with retail in Bermuda – there are exceptions of course – but in the main, the customer has to make all the effort! Why do you make it so bloody hard for me? I really want to buy your stuff but you are hiding it from me! You close at 5pm when I’m walking through town to the ferry terminal and very susceptible to impulse buying. Just before Hurricane Igor, Masters was packed, but did they make it easy for us to find everything we needed? Did they ‘eck as like! Mary Queen of Shops would have a field day. 

Anyway, I did buy some perfume from Brown’s because of the nice lady and the top tip about coffee beans. It doesn’t take much.



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2 responses to “Perfume & coffee

  1. And the jerk chicken wrap was plain boring! ★☆☆☆☆

  2. Claire

    The Reid Street level floor at A.S. Coopers is new. It used to be the loans branch of Bank of Bermuda. Before they had that floor it was even harder to find the entrance to the store.

    One of my biggest gripes with shopping in Bermuda is that nothing on the racks is organized. I don’t want to have to look at every rack for a black skirt.

    As for Muse, I hear it’s a bar… I think.

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