Christmas presents & consumerism

piccadilly circus

Pickled willy Circus

So apparently 24th November is the deadline for Christmas parcels to be sent to the UK and Canada if you want them to get there in time for Christmas (cue link to the Bermuda Post Office website, but this information isn’t on it. But for a laugh, here is the snappy URL – try giving this out over the phone – Er, I haven’t begun to think about starting to buy presents yet! Maybe it’s that it’s not cold enough or the shops aren’t trying hard enough or that I am disorganised, but it hasn’t even crossed my mind yet.

One of the things I love about Bermuda is that you don’t get constantly advertised to (there is some irony here given that I work in advertising but there you have it). Compared to a journey back home in London where you see hundreds of ads on billboards, buses, bus stops, shop windows, taxis, tube station billboards and screens, tube cards, people handing out samples, the Evening Standard ads, ads on your iPhone, the list goes on. The only space left free of ads is the sky (hmm, that gives me an idea…)! No wonder Londoners are exhausted although probably more prepared for Christmas.

Here in Bermuda I see one poster on the ferry that has been the same poster for a month, so I know what it says. There are TV ads of course but mainly American ones trying to sell me meals at Wendy’s or McDonald’s, which you can’t get here. It’s an antidote to consumerism, a step back in time and I find it’s pretty liberating. Like living in the BBC.

Saying that I am watching Oprah who is trying to get me in the Christmas spirit by getting people to sing Christmas songs, but I remain unconvinced. Good job I am going back home for Christmas, some people might get presents!



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