Ferry disappointing

Georgia on my mind

One of the nicest things about travelling to work by ferry is that – from the stop I get on – it only takes four minutes (I love telling people that), it’s a chance to catch up with ferry friends and it’s an incredibly beautiful and pleasurable way to travel. It also makes my friends in London who get the tube everyday sick with envy and I imagine when we get back to the Big Smoke, I will dream of it every time I am on the tube with an sweaty armpit stuck in my face. Although the pleasure aspect is great, it is also incredibly convenient and of course we don’t have to get stuck in that terrible traffic jam into Hamilton…

So what does the government do? Take away the commuter service for two stops (mine included). Granted we are probably talking about 30-40 people who regularly get the ferry in the mornings from these two stops, but that is nonetheless 30-40 fares each morning and 30-40 fewer cars on the roads and 30-40 seriously pissed off people. And for what saving? 5 minutes? Fuel? Effort?

Of course, they have kindly kept the later ferries for us, we can get to the 9.35 and the 10.35 ferries (which incidentally nobody ever uses) but in case anyone was unaware of this, people do tend to start work at 9.00am so arriving in Hamilton at 9.40 is about as useful as a chocolate teapot.

I would love to have been in the meeting about this one. “Yes, sod all those people who live there, they can just drive in, Johnny Barnes needs a bigger audience.” “Yes, and that traffic jam just isn’t big enough anymore, we need it to be much longer.” “Well everyone knows that all people start work at 10am so it’s no problem.”

Coralita, Georgia and Corona, I will miss you dearly!

I met my ferry friend in the supermarket today and we are going to write to someone about it – after all, there is no use in complaining to each other about it, right? I hope this doesn’t get me kicked off the island!

Ferry Cross Indeed


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  1. Times nicely of course with the increase in cost of Hamilton parking.

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